Individual Therapy

Perhaps you need something better in your life.

You’ve tried everything to make your relationship work, and nothing has helped. Or you don’t know how to deal with your family. Maybe you feel depressed and can’t shake it. Perhaps you feel anxious much of the time.

Therapy can help if you’re not willing to go on as you are. If you’re determined that things must change, and you’re willing to make some changes in yourself.

People often wonder what it’s like to participate in therapy sessions. Here’s how I work: First, I will answer your questions, and then I’ll listen as you tell me what brought you to therapy. I’ll ask you some questions about yourself to help me understand what you’re going through so we’re on the same page.

“Learn to deal with the fact that you are not a perfect person but you are a person that deserves respect and honesty.”

Pandora Poikilos

After that, we address the problem

You can talk about what is on your heart. I will listen with compassion and without judging you. We will look at what is going on both in the situation and within yourself that is causing dysfunction, and we will work on replacing negative patterns in your life with positive patterns.

All sessions are online using a secure platform. All you need is a video camera to make it work. While I do look forward to getting back to an office setting, teletherapy works well for now. Not to mention, you save time and money by not having to drive. It’s convenient and can be done almost anywhere you have the privacy to have a conversation with me.

Contact Us Now

If you’re ready for this kind of support, I offer couples therapy in the state of North Carolina and have openings in my practice. Please call me at (336) 218-9040 or email me to get started.