Facts & Questions

I offer online teletherapy for clients across North Carolina.

It’s easy. When you call me, we will set up an appointment day and time. On the day of the appointment, check your email for a note from me titled “Invitation to Session.” Open the email and click on the link and that will direct you to our HIPAA compliant video portal so we can have a chat.

It’s really the same as a face-to-face therapy session. We can see and hear each other, and we just talk. If you are doing couples or family therapy, you can sit together and share a screen. If you can’t be in the same location, then each party can click the link in the email separately, and we can all talk together from separate locations.

I take Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and United Healthcare.

I specifically chose a HIPAA-compliant platform to help protect the security of your information. I use GoToMeeting, which many doctors use. It uses encryption and other technology to help protect against hackers to lessen the risk to you. On my end, I make sure that no one overhears and that our time together is truly private. During sessions, I’m either alone in the building (except for my dog, who never tells), or I use sound-blocking precautions if other people are in the room next door. On your end, please take similar precautions. Be comfortably seated with closed doors where no one can hear you, and make sure that your children are occupied so we have the time scheduled to talk.

I have a set fee, but some people qualify for a discounted rate. If you have insurance that covers mental health services, I may be able to work with you. I accept clients using Blue Cross Blue Shield, United HealthCare and Cigna. I can also do superbills upon request. Please call me and share your specific needs and we will work it out together.

Don’t worry, it’s easy. Most people simply click on the link in the email, and they find themselves immediately in the session with me. For some people, the first time they click on the link, it walks them through a few easy steps to get set up, but they don’t have to do that after the first session. If you have problems getting connected, just call me at (336) 218-9040 and we will get on track together.

I can take your credit card at the end of the session.

I am available to work with you on a flexible schedule. Typically, I’m in the office Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm. It is often easier to find an available appointment during the day if that works for your schedule.